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Webinar: 'Turkey's role in the changing world order:

An assertive mid-power or a trouble-maker?

Date: 27 April 2023

Continuing with our Global Risk Dialogue 2023 series – Confluence Consultants organized a webinar on Turkey titled ‘Turkey’s role in the changing world order’ with our speakers Tolga Bilener, Temmuz Yiğit Bezmez, Shraddha Bhandari and Nicolas Michelon. This closed-door, invite-only session focused on a scenario gaming approach to cover issues ranging from Turkey’s business environment given the upcoming elections, Turkey’s balancing act between the West and Russia, its aspirations as a regional power, and its outreach to Asian powers. We also analyzed Turkey’s role as a gateway to businesses looking to utilize domestic opportunities and access Europe or the MENA/Central Asia region.

Global Risk Dialogue Introductory webinar

Confluence Consultants’ introductory webinar

Date: 16 February 2023

Confluence Consultants’ introductory webinar was a no-holds barred, intense and varied discussion on global opportunity and risk trends. From ‘superpower rivalries’ to China’s re-opening, disruptive trends in energy, metaverse and AI and challenges to the dollar dominance – we discussed all and more. We looked at European politics, Asian developments, cautious optimism in the Middle East and Africa’s long election season. The speakers included geo-political experts, bankers and finance specialists, technology leaders and business and commerce experts. The webinar also saw the release of our annual report – Confluence Global Monitor.


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