Confluence Consultants

Connect, Collaborate and Cumulatively solve business problems

Confluence Consultants

Connect, Collaborate and Cumulatively solve business problems

Market Entry Feasibility
and Strategy

Operational Risk

Specialist Risk Advisory

Welcome to Confluence Consultants

We are a global community of experts and consultants

We are Confluencers – a group of people across geographies, seeking to pool their resources, expertise and networks to game the world and render it predictable and intelligible. Through our ‘Glocal’ – global, national and local lens, we enable companies, start-ups and investors to understand and manage risks related to geo-political uncertainties, policy and regulatory framework, market and consumer dynamics and local socio-cultural risks. Our TIMELY, ACTIONABLE and NON-CONFLICTED intelligence and analysis makes sure that you are not caught in a ‘VUCA’ situation.

Geographies of expertise - India - Middle East Corridor


We have undertaken projects across sectors relying on primary intelligence collection, 360 degree stakeholder management and field visits to understand segments, markets and geographies in depth.


Our Founder – Shraddha Bhandari, was invited for a conversation with WION (World is One Network) to discuss PM Modi’s visit to the UAE – implications for energy, defence and food security and the larger geo-political dynamics.

Our Founder – Shraddha Bhandari, spoke to Asharq News on India’s economy, PM Modi’s visit to Egypt and the trends in the evolving India-Arab world relations. 

Our Partner – Nicholas Michelon was invited by the King’s College London- Economic Conflict and Competition Research Group to represent Ecole de Guerre Economique to discuss about the creation of an international consortium on the study of economic warfare.

Our Founder – Shraddha Bhandari, was invited for expert analysis by the Asharq News on the India-UAE deal for the use of local currencies in trade and harmonization of payment and digital platforms. The larger theme was the de-dollarization narrative.

Financial and political feasibility need to be intertwined

There is a paradigm shift in the business operating environment

Covid, Conflict and Climate Change are the new reality

Risks have become multi-dimensional: 3Cs – Covid, Conflict and Climate Change are the new reality

Financial feasibility has to take into account – the often overlooked political, regulatory, geo-political and local risks related to community, resources and environment

Traditional models of business assessment based on IRRs and NPVs are no longer adequate

A comprehensive new model is required that helps companies navigate the ‘politics of doing business’ through timely, actionable and non-conflicted intelligence and analysis

Our Practice Areas

Market strategy, operational management and specialist risk advisory

Market entry strategy
and feasibility

We are your initial ‘eyes and ears’ in the countries of interest – helping identify the best mode of market entry, legal, financial and operational models to be adopted, stakeholder analysis and risk mapping and mitigation.

Operational risk management

We help companies with large footprint – manufacturing plants, mining operations, large offices and complex supply chains- manage their location and ground level risks.

Specialist risk advisory support

We monitor and disseminate intelligence on geo-political weak signals, sector specific upheavals and vulnerability to economic manipulation to help you stay ahead of the changing global business landscape.

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Why Choose Us

Globally aware and locally involved team in multiple geographies

Integrated, Non conflicted and unbiased intelligence

Hands on team – comfortable in boardroom, doing field work or dealing
with numbers and technology

Effective stakeholder engagement and deep networks

Specialized advisory support to augment business decisions


Our team members have been trusted advisors to corporate executives, start-up founders and research organizations


Our consulting and project execution is based on solid knowledge and research