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Elections 2024: Global Dynamics and Regional Impact

2024 holds the title for election year records – more than 70 legislative and executive elections, eight of the ten most populous countries, and more than half the world’s population will vote. The biggest democracy (India), the oldest democracy (the US), the managed democracy (Russia), and upcoming democracies (Indonesia) are all part of the package. While domestic issues will no doubt occupy center stage, 2024 will see global trends impacting electoral outcomes and consequent policies in many parts of the globe.

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Houthi Actions on Red Sea Trade Escalate Israel-Hamas Conflict Spillover

Disruption to global trade and strikes against Yemeni cities; the Israel-Hamas conflict has become a global phenomenon through the actions of the Houthi Rebel group in Yemen.
The Houthis have repeatedly targeted ships using the RedSea route, in attacks in support of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. The Houthis will show no deterrence unless humanitarian aid is allowed in Gaza.

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From Black Gold Country to Innovation- the Road Taken by Saudi Arabia

For years, Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth has shaped its power and influence over the world. Today, it is known for more- smart cities, diverse landscapes, as the newest member of the trillion-dollar group of economies, and for Cristiano Ronaldo’s football club. Here is a look at what steers the Saudi Arabia economy towards growth.

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Earthquake, Flood, and the Fresh Wave of Unrest

On the 8th of September, Morocco experienced a devastating earthquake that claimed the lives of nearly 3000 people. A mere three days later, the city of Derna faced the collapse of two dams that were rendered weak due to Storm Daniel and the resultant heavy rains.

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Where is the UAE’s Economy Headed?

The UAE has weathered countless financial storms and evolved from a humble pearl-diving state to the tourism, trade and innovation hub that it is today. Here’s a look at some of the upcoming projects in the UAE that are aimed at placing sustainability in the heart of its economy.

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